Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've started new web page for running in Bulgaria called www.runbg.net

I've started new web page for running in Bulgaria called www.runbg.net
Well because I was passionate about sports for whole my life and because I wanted to promote running in Bulgaria. Of course running is the second most popular sport after football among men, but I wanted to drive the youth to be more active and responsible for themselves and their bodies. And i wanted to so, I've started www.runbg.com
What's going to be in there? 
Well there will be general information about running, running shoes, clothing, and all that's needed to practice running. There will be a forum for all the runners to share their experiences and tips. There will be a section achievements that will host stories about runners - role models and their goals, ambitions, etc.
Who can read it?
Well everyone is welcome since he knows Bulgarian. Yes I made it in Bulgarian because I wanted to impact on Bulgarian people and to involve them in sport activities. What is more simple and easier to do as a sport from running?

You can find all the details on www.runbg.net! Enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Greece Advenure, 2weeks and 2days after arriving!

  • Athens
March 03.01.2010! My first day in Athens. The bus dropped me at Karaiskaki SQ  and the journey began. Few minutes the ppl from AIESEC appeared and was feeling a bit relaxed and tired from the "awesome" trip 16hours. They showed me my flat and I was happy to see that everything I need is on place. Few minutes later I was exploring Athens and Greek Souvlaki + Dzadziki (Don't be shocked by the names the 1st one is typical Duner and the second is some kind of our tarator soup or for the advanced travelers - kind of Polish Mizeria ). You can see me on the picture with my first dzadziky and french fries, interesting combination. One of the 1st things that shocked me was the fact that there are so many places for fast food and there are no so many places to eat normal cooked food :(. The food is not very healthy but the rest is perfect :) There are so much places to visit in Athens that you will need several weeks to explore but so far i have been to Acropolis, Zeus Temple, Olympia (the Panatinaiko stadium - oldest one), place called Anafiotika, Plaka, National Garden, The Parlament, the main squares Monastiraki and Syndagma,  Lucabettus Hill. There are a lot more places to go but i'll update my blog with the places I have been and info for them from wikipedia!

End of 1st part 
  • Weather 
It will not be a surprise that the weather here in Greece is good even in the winter. I'm lucky to have the hottest summer in my life and the hottest in Athens since 1920th. Several times it was around 22-23 degrees, but now it's getting colder and it's around 10-15  but having in mind that in Poland it was around -20 here is like paradise. End of 1st part 

  • Internship - under construction ;)
  • Other trainees - under construction ;)

  • Running 
 One of my passions is reality now - living near big park and running there! I'm trying to run every day and I have new gear (Nike Lunarglide+ and Nike+ sportband). What I found here is that a lot of people are running too and I happy to know that in my park is training the best running club in Greece :). These guys are really great and the good thing is that you can always run with somebody even if you don't know him. Just keep the same pace and smile :) The cool thing is that I have 3 types of surface for running (track, trail and road) and I can tell that on the track with the new Lunarglide+ you just fly over it. :). I'm just happy I got the perfect weather and place to do my running.
End of 1st part  

Ran 150km for 40 workouts and lost 15 additional kilos! There are 72km to reach my 1st Runners studio goal by reaching Liverpool, starting from Dublin!

Monday, November 23, 2009


102km left to the 1st big city from the road :) I got small injury to overcome but it's already getting better. I hope to cover some more km to Liverpool before Christmas Eve and the weather is still awesome for this part of the year. Yesterday it was 17 degrees at least on shadow.
Some other things with me are getting better so I'm expecting some action to come very soon!

Monday, November 16, 2009

109 km

Yep, finally got time to update the progress - and the result is 109km left to Liverpool. Just passed the middle of the way by running 115km with average speed 10km/h. Getting better and better, just hope the weather will allow me to continue some more time before the snow falls.